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Preventing Downtime: The Value of Scheduled Test Chamber Maintenance

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Owning an environmental test chamber is a huge step in testing products' reliability before bringing them to market. But as with anything, maintenance is imperative. To prevent downtime and protect the longevity of your chamber, Associated Environmental Systems (AES), a leading environmental test chamber manufacturer, recommends that you schedule routine appointments.

At AES, we provide a wide range of test chamber maintenance services to support your needs. We have extensive experience with environmental test chamber maintenance, from calibrations to chamber retrofits to replacement parts. Learn more about what you can expect from our technicians during a scheduled visit and gain insight into in-house best practices for caring for your chamber. 

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Quick Tips for Increasing Test Chamber Longevity

It’s critical to stay ahead of issues before they become a larger problem. If you want your chamber to last 10+ years, conducting routine checks is paramount. You’ll want your internal service team to be aware of what to do and what to look out for when inspecting your chamber. 

Some quick tips for practicing preventative test chamber maintenance include:

  • Run your chambers periodically during intermittent testing.
  • Conduct regular and thorough cleanings.
  • Inspect the electrical, humidity, refrigeration, and circulation systems, looking for small issues that need attention.
  • Check the exterior, workspace, and floor panels for punctures, tears, and dents.
  • Check the degradation of all gaskets: door(s), window(s), port(s), wiring, and plug(s).

Apart from these quick tips, we advise investing in chamber calibration. Various chamber components, such as controllers, can experience drift. This can affect the overall accuracy of your test chambers. With the help of routine calibration, you can ensure your devices remain up to par and continue to meet national and international testing requirements. It also yields quality data and gives you precise control of your testing.

At AES, we recommend calibrating each chamber once every six months to a year to ensure accuracy. Depending on your need, we offer four calibrations, all ISO-17025 and A2LA accredited. 

  • Controller Calibration
  • Temperature Gradient Check
  • Single Point Calibration (Multiple sensors check)
  • Multi 9 Point Calibration (Multiple sensors check)

What To Expect From an AES Technician Visit

When an AES technician comes on-site, you can feel confident about your environmental chamber testing services. We never want you to experience downtime, so scheduling routine and annual and quarterly preventative maintenance agreements to keep your test chamber running smoothly is important. Upon arrival, depending on your needs, we will examine the chamber, looking at the electrical, refrigeration, humidity, circulation, and more. If you need a replacement part, we can install the chamber part from our vast catalog with ease.

Apart from repair and maintenance, if you’re looking for a retrofit, we can provide services such as:

  • Chamber Interior Upgrades
  • Controller Upgrades
  • Chamber Customizations
  • Precise Temperature and Airflow Mapping
  • And more!

AES has in-person coverage across states, including Massachusetts, California, and Michigan. Known as the largest service team in the U.S., we continue to expand to cover Texas, all of New England, and the Midwest. If you’re located in an area we aren’t currently stationed in, we’re more than willing to travel anywhere in the country to provide services. 

Schedule Your Next Environmental Chamber Service Check

Whether it’s your first time getting a maintenance check or your fifth time, we encourage you to schedule your next one today. Our team has the expertise to perform calibrations, service, and preventative maintenance services regardless of the model or manufacturer of the environmental test chamber.  provide you with calibration and preventative maintenance services. Get in touch with a sales engineer today to get a date and time on the books. For more information about our approach to test chamber installation, check out our latest white paper!