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The Value of the LH Series for Industries

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How will your product perform while stored on a shelf? How will it withstand transportation while exposed to various thermal and climatic conditions? These questions and more can be answered by one form of test: stability testing. Employed for steady-state testing, stability chambers are an essential part of effective testing for industries such as pharmaceuticals, packaging, food and beverage, and more. 

Knowing if their products will go to market is stressful for companies. With a stability chamber from Associated Environmental Systems (AES), companies can feel confident that their products will be tested accurately and effectively. Our LH-Series which includes three innovative models with temperature and humidity-controlled chambers, simulates real-world conditions that the product may encounter. Their value is immeasurable. 

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The LH-Series Line-Up

The LH-Series temperature and humidity environmental test chambers come in 3 different models for companies looking for either a benchtop or floor model chamber. These models have a standard temp range of -20 °C to 94°C and a 10% to 95% relative humidity (RH) range, capable of extending the RH range. These models come in three different volumes 1.5, 5, and 10 cubic foot test chamber models.

LH-1.5 Benchtop-Rack and Stack

The LH-1.5 is our most compact laboratory benchtop stability chamber. Known for their ability to tune into and control temperature and humidity performance, these benchtop chambers feature heating systems equipped with open ceramic-core nichrome heaters for reliable and accurate temperature control within ±0.5°C. The LH-1.5 can be fitted onto an optional floor stand to increase mobility and double testing ability.

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry could greatly benefit from this type of stability chamber. While no chamber is one size fits all, this model could help test and evaluate the shelf life of drugs that come in vials, capsules, or tablets. Many pharmaceutical products are subjected to extreme conditions in warehouses and pharmacies and are required to complete stability tests for regulatory approval of pharmaceutical products. With an LH-1.5, alone or double stacked, customers can save valuable lab space and conduct independent tests at the same time while ensuring their product is being tested effectively. 

LH-6, Floor

The LH-6 has capabilities similar to the LH-1.5. It can also control temperature and humidity performance within -20 °C to +94°C (-4°F to +201.2°F). Unlike the smaller stability models, though, the LH-6 is not stackable. Its design comes complete with a fully adjustable shelf at the bottom that helps protect the lab's production floor. 

Adverse chemical reactions are fairly common in packaging products. Particularly within plastic packaging, companies must be extremely careful about which containers they choose to fill products for shipment and how they perform while storing. AES can help. The LH-6 has the capability to save packaging companies financially in the long run by identifying issues before the shipping and storage phase. For example, excess heat can cause packaging evaporation or deformity. With an LH-6, customers can test the durability of a product under controlled environmental conditions while also protecting their production floor with the chamber’s unique design.

LH-10, Floor

The third LH-Series model is a highly beneficial stability chamber. Similar in specifications and features to the LH-1.5 and LH-6, the LH-10 can also control temperature and humidity performance. LH-10 is the largest compact stability chamber AES offers, allowing larger volume products to be tested. The LH-6 design structure helps protect the lab's production floor by including a fully adjustable shelf at the bottom of the chamber. 

Cosmetic products are steadily in high demand, and determining their shelf life is imperative to understand their quality. The LH-10 can measure accurately how a cosmetic product will react upon rapid shifts in temperature and humidity. Often, these products are placed in warehouses and shelves for lengths of time and immersed in various environments. With AES’s stability chamber, manufacturers can test to anticipate disturbances in temperature that may arise. These conclusions made from testing can help create more durable products in both design and build.


AES Provides Exceptional Product and Service

How can we help? Whether you’re in need of your first stability test chamber or third, AES is here to provide you with the best solution possible. Reach out to a sales engineer today, and finalize your stability chamber purchase with us. You can expect a guaranteed personalized approach throughout each step of the process.