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BD-127 Environmental Testing Chamber
Illustration of man next to BD-127 for scale
BD-127 Environmental Testing Chamber
Illustration of man next to BD-127 for scale


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The BD-127 Model is a liquid-cooled laboratory oven capable of providing highly-stable, controlled, forced hot air circulation with rapid cooling using liquid LN2 or CO2. 

BD-100 Model Laboratory Ovens provide dry, air-circulated heat as an environmental testing condition. The ability to maintain precise temperatures occur with help from direct, drive-powered fans. 

CONSTRUCTION.  These liquid-cooled laboratory ovens feature a durable powder-coat finish over heavy-gauge steel, with stainless steel internal construction, and highly-efficient, low K factor, thermal insulation, this is built to last for many years.

CIRCULATION SYSTEM.  The performance level operates the internal workspace temperature from approximately -73°C to +220°C (approximately -100.4°F to +428°F). 

HEATING SYSTEM.  The oven features an industry-leading heating system equipped with low-watt density, ceramic core, nichrome heaters for accurate temperatures within ±0.5°C, as measured at the sensor.

RAPID COOLING.  Liquid cooling will bring a hot oven down to ambient conditions and as low as  -73°C (-100°F) in just a couple of minutes. Pull-down rates for the liquid cooling process are much faster than traditional test chamber mechanical refrigeration.

CRYOGENIC COOLING.  To get temperatures to a cryogenic level, BD-127 laboratory ovens are customizable with a liquid LN2 or CO2 boost cooling option. This option allows the test chamber to reach a low of -185°C and a high of 260°C  (-300°F to +500°F). Due to configuration changes, sizing may be different than shown in the basic specifications below. 

BD Series Laboratory Ovens are ideal for: 

  • aging
  • baking
  • curing
  • drying
  • sterilizing
  • and more.

If rapid cooling is not a requirement, take a look at the BD-900 Models. 

INSTRUMENTATION. The standard BD models have a manual-set digital controller. For more sophisticated test profiles, upgrade incorporates AESONE CONNECT creating a robust connected device giving you a standard and uniform interface that makes operation easier. Learn more in the Instrumentation Tab below.

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BD Series

Illustration of a 6-foot tall man
Height: 72" (6' tall)

BD-100 BD-900

Height: 23"
Volume: 0.69 cu. ft.

BD-101 BD-901

Height: 29"
Volume: 0.99 cu. ft.

BD-102 BD-902

Height: 32"
Volume: 2.37 cu. ft.

BD-104 BD-904

Height: 38"
Volume: 4.13 cu. ft.

BD-108 BD-908

Height: 40"
Volume: 8 cu. ft.

BD-127 BD-927

Height: 63"
Volume: 27 cu. ft.

BD-164 BD-964

Height: 66"
Volume: 64 cu. ft.
Interior: 36W x 36D x 36H (in)
  914.4W x 914.4D x 914.4H (mm)
Exterior: 45W x 46.4D x 63H (in)
  1143W x 1178.56D x 1600.2H (mm)
Volume: 27 cubic ft
  764.56 liters
Temperature: -73°C to 220°C (-99.4°F to 428°F)
Rise Rate*: 4.88°C/minute
Pull Down Rate*: 4.8°C/minute
Electrical Supply:  208VAC or 230VAC, 1PH, 60HZ,
Full Load Amps: 51A
Power Requirement: Hardwired
Mobility: Will fit through 48" door

*Rise and pull-down rates calculated using IEC 60068-3-5 standard. Custom options available.



  • Temperature Range: -73°C to +220°C (-99.4°F to +428°F)
  • Exterior cabinet: cold-rolled steel, heavy-gauge, powder coat finish, color: bone
  • Interior cabinet: stainless steel, type 304
  • No window
  • Cooling types:
    • OPTIONAL: CO2 1,000 PSIG (300 PSIG available on request)
  • CO2 scrubber with replaceable cartridge, for 1,000 PSIG only
  • Forced air circulation
  • Port configuration, 1 left side port, with 3in (76.2mm) diameter




Temperature is manually-set with one Watlow EZ-ZONE PM controller (non-programmable)


BD Series Test Chambers can incorporate AESONE CONNECT creating a robust connected device for a standard and uniform interface making test chamber operation easier.

AESONE XCHANGE increases your functionalityaesone-connect-1

  • Connects the test chamber controller to your network for increased accessibility
  • On-board multi-year data logging

AESONE SOFTWARE gives you the power to

  • Remote chamber operation and monitoring, 
  • Web-based test profile creation, 
  • Viewing current data and historical data visually
  • Secure multi-level user access 

WATLOW F4T PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER. Features a 4.3” capacitive touchscreen minimizing the chance for error. Ethernet communication supported by AESONE HARDWARE. View more controller options


SENSORS. 100 OHM Platinum RTD  is a highly-accurate sensor made from platinum components for increased sensitivity View sensor options

Safety Features


HIGH/LOW TEMPERATURE CONTROL. An adjustable temperature limit controller allows you to program the highest lowest temperature the device under test, protecting products from compromising temperature exposure.

Optional Features

  • Shelf Modification (placement, size, number)
  • Custom Porting Sizes
  • Additional Blank Door
  • Add Window Optional Sizes
  • Heater for Window
  • Desiccant Air Dryer to ensure conditions as low as 5% RH 
  • Dry Nitrogen Purge to keep condensation and frost from accumulating on DUT surfaces at cold temperatures and to prevent oxidation of metals surfaces at high temperatures
  • Floor Stand w/ Casters