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Environmental Test Chamber Services: The Benefits of AES Test Chamber Repair, Maintenance, and Retrofitting


High-quality environmental test chambers are essential for accurate testing and help keep you at the top of your industry. What happens, though, when you need an environmental chamber service? Do you wish you had one environmental chamber manufacturer you could turn to for all of your test chamber needs? With Associated Environmental Systems (AES), you can. At AES, we work to address your pain points, deliver an answer, and provide services that get you testing again as soon as possible. We’re proud to repair, maintain, and retrofit your environmental testing equipment. 

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Our Test Chamber Repair Services

AES’s commitment extends throughout the lifetime of your chamber through proactive and reactive support. We offer our test chamber repair services anytime, whether you have a benchtop chamber, a walk-in environmental chamber, or need temperature chamber repair. Even if you don’t own an AES chamber, we service and repair any manufacturer's test chamber, supplying new parts that may need to be replaced. Our wide range of parts, from blower wheels to dual pressure switches, are readily available to upkeep your chamber. 

Regardless of the repair service needed, we operate with a customer-first approach. Our team includes account representatives, technicians, and engineers who can help to diagnose and troubleshoot issues. We even have a network of service companies spanning the globe. If needed, AES factory technicians in California, Massachusetts, and Michigan are available to travel to other sites. While some labs have many different chamber manufacturers, AES can fix everything all at once in one visit versus having multiple visits from different manufacturers.

Our Environmental Test Chamber Maintenance Services

There’s no denying that a test chamber is an expensive item, so it’s important to invest in regular test chamber maintenance. Apart from keeping an eye on performance, AES recommends scheduling quarterly and annual checks to minimize the risk of unintended downtime. With scheduled maintenance and calibration checks from AES, we can ensure the physical and digital state of each chamber is operating correctly. Here’s a rundown of environmental chamber maintenance checks:

  • Electrical System
  • Humidity System
  • Refrigeration System
  • Control System & Performance
  • Sensors & Digital Controllers

Our Test Chamber Retrofit Services

If you’re concerned that your chamber is becoming outdated, skip spending exorbitant amounts of money and consider options from AES. We can enhance the capabilities of your testing environment through retrofit services such as:

If you happen to have a battery test chamber, we can provide adaptable solutions that support your growth. Our accommodations can sustain your battery testing needs as technology changes and requirements grow.

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If you have any other requests, we’re happy to hear them! Whether you would like us to retrofit an existing project or design a new one, we’re here to help.

Talk to an Expert

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our support services. We can put together a maintenance and calibration plan to keep your test chambers at peak operational performance. Call us at 1-978-540-0942 or email AES today!