Floor Model Test Chamber by associated environmental systems

Temperature / Humidity Test Chambers

Our environmental test chambers are programmed to control temperature and relative humidity conditions.

The FD/HD Series is a floor-model temperature test chamber with optional humidity capability. Internal working volumes range from 1 cubic foot to 64 cubic feet.

The LH Series is a stability test chamber ideal for steady-state temperature and humidity testing on a smaller scale. Three working volumes are available: 1.5 cubic feet, 6 cubic feet, and 10 cubic feet. This benchtop series meets the needs of even the smallest scale product testing while ensuring quality throughout the entire process.

The SD/BHD series is a benchtop-model temperature test chamber, with optional humidity capability. It is available in four different working volumes: 1 cubic foot, 2 cubic feet, 3 cubic feet, 5 cubic feet, and 8 cubic feet.

Many of these designs fit into a rack and stack to increase independent working volume in virtually the same footprint.

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Thermal Shock 08 Test Chamber by associated environmental systems

Thermal Shock Test Chambers

Our thermal shock SM series make it possible to quickly and autonomously transfer test items back and forth repeatedly between hot and cold environments.

A thermal shock test chamber does not provide thermal cycling (a slower process). Therefore, it can achieve a 477°F (265°C) temperature variation very rapidly.

Our standard thermal shock test chamber has two compartments.

The heated compartment supports temperatures of 392°F.

The cooled compartment supports temperatures of -85°F.

Our thermal shock series optional features include: an ambient exposed middle compartment, programmable chart recorder, and LN2 and CO2 boost cools.

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Corrosion Salt Spray Chamber by associated environmental systems

Salt Spray Test Chambers

The MX series is a completely self-contained salt spray series that allows for test items to be subjected to a corrosive environment without introducing other contaminants into the test area.

These units feature transparent Lucite bodies that are impervious to corrosion while providing continuous direct visual observation of the test item.

Our salt spray test chambers feature a highly reliable thermostatic temperature controller that maintains the salt solution at a preset temperature in a reservoir within a double wall construction.

The salt solution is introduced into the test chamber through an atomizing nozzle.

Our MX series test chambers are utilized to evaluate the corrosive properties of a wide range of products such as phosphate surfaces, zinc plating, and paint coating.


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AES BD Series Test Chamber by associated environmental systems

Laboratory Ovens &

Liquid Cooled Ovens

AES BD Series is a laboratory oven series provide highly stable and is controlled by forced hot air circulation to maintain precise temperatures.

Standard laboratory ovens provide heat as an environmental testing condition.

You can also add a liquid cooling unit to act as a cooling accelerator.

Our laboratory ovens are ideal for moisture drying, aging, baking and curing test applications.

All BD model test chambers come with options: liquid cooled refrigeration system and liquid LN2 or CO2 boost cooling.

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Walk-In Room by associated environmental systems

Walk-In Rooms

AES structural and modular walk-in rooms are designed and built to meet specific customer requirements.

They are perfect for any product testing that requires a higher volume than standard units.

Walk-in rooms are designed for heavy product loading and can be large enough for drive-in automotive testing.

Our walk-in rooms feature fast temperature change rates, high humidity, and explosion resistant applications.

Temperature ranges are from -65°C (-85°F) to 180°C (356°F).

Humidity range is from 10% - 95% RH.

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Custom Chamber by associated environmental systems

Custom Test Chambers

Custom test chambers provide powerful advantages for customers in many industries. They enable customers to achieve their goals by optimizing their test resources and processes.

Customers communicate directly with the AES engineering design team.

Our engineers can modify existing test chambers with available options or design a completely custom unit to support specific testing requirements.

They design and develop custom test chambers in a timely and efficient process that enables adaptation to variable sizes, shapes, and testing conditions.

Some popular custom options are: additional and custom port sizes, optional voltage, a vibration platform.

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