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Across industries, environmental test chambers ensure consumer safety and drive innovation.

They’re vital to electronics, military and defense, pharmaceuticals, transportation, medical devices, shipping, communications, and more. 

Just as there’s a wide range of industries that utilize chambers, there’s also variance in how companies conduct testing. In fact, it’s safe to say that no two companies’ testing requirements are the same, although they do share one thing: They need chambers that give them precise control over their conditions. 

For temperature only and temperature and humidity testing, that means fast change rates to maximize time, accurate readings (±0.5°C on temperature and +/-2% RH), and the capability to reach extremes if need be. 

Associated Environmental Systems has built a reputation as a leading test chamber manufacturer by optimizing every aspect of its chambers. Its temperature only and temperature & humidity models give you the high-performance and control you need for all of your cycling and steady-state testing. 

AES knows how important testing is to the success of your company. The care, research, and ingenuity you put into your products are matched by their chambers. Here’s what you need to know about the systems and performance of temperature only and temperature & humidity chambers.


temperature chamber

AES carries a wide variety of top-of-the-line temperature only chambers. Purchase rack-and-stack models to maximize your lab space and optimize efficiency. Consider an ATPPRIME chamber for the safest, most effective battery testing in the industry. Choose from volumes as small as 1 cubic foot to as large as 64 cubic feet and change-rates from 3.9℃/minute to 9℃/minute and faster. 

Standard temperature ranges: -40°C to +180°C (-94°F to 356°F) | -70°C to +180°C (-94°F to 356°F)

Precision: ±0.5°C

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Heating System

The heating systems in AES chambers are all-electric and pass air over fast-response, low-watt-density resistance heaters with a ceramic core, ensuring a long, reliable life with no downtime. The combination of airflow, instrument response, and these fast-reacting heaters give highly accurate and straight-line control of temperatures. Our heating systems support temperatures upwards of 180°C (356°F), and heaters may be controlled independently or in unison. Heating systems are located in a plenum so that test items are not subject to direct radiation.


Cooling System

The cooling system in AES chambers consists of a self-contained mechanical refrigeration system with a cascade configuration. You’ll have the option of air-cooling or water-cooling. Air-cooling comes with easier installation and is less expensive than water-cooling. However, it produces slower pulldown rates. Water-cooling systems result in faster pulldown rates and are more energy efficient, but they require a dedicated, conditioned water supply and are more complicated to install. You can supplement your system with boost cooling with liquid N2 or CO2 for even faster pull-down rates. It's a great option for stress tests that require rapid cooling.  Even without boost cooling, AES standard cascade refrigeration systems have the fastest standard change rates of any environmental test chamber manufacturer.

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Air Circulation

Air circulation is crucial for environmental testing. AES’s chambers have proprietary baffle and fan design combinations. This optimizes temperature conditions within the workspace. 

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humidity chamber

Need humidity conditions to test your products and components? AES has you covered with precise control of your chambers’ internal workspace.

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Humidity System

AES uses vapor generator systems to give you precise control over the humidity conditions of your chambers’ internal workspaces. The vapor generator system is a closed stainless steel or copper tube. A heating element heats a constant water source creating vapor or steam that travels through the tube and mixes with conditioned air in a plenum before moving into the workspace. This system yields a standard relative humidity range between 20% and 95%. If you need to maintain RH outside that range, you can add a high humidity sensor (up to 98% RH) or desiccant air dryer (as low as 5% RH).

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Humidity Chamber Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your chambers running for 10 years or more, and it’s crucial, in particular, to humidity chambers. They require properly conditioned water. AES suggests defined ranges for resistivity (0.05MΩ * cm to 6MΩ * cm), conductivity (20µS to 0.167µS), and total dissolved solids (TDS) (10 ppm to 0.083 ppm). The demineralizing cartridges used to condition the water should be checked monthly. In addition, be aware of any buildup of sediments and sitting water, which can lead to mold or mildew that corrodes metal over time. Don’t worry, though, AES has expert service techs around the country ready to make sure your humidity chambers retain their top performance. 

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New in the Universe of Chambers: An Update to the FD & HD Series

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AES is constantly innovating. After months of work, the latest cutting-edge technology has arrived to its HD Series of temperature and humidity chambers and FD Series of temperature only chambers. Now, when purchasing one of these chambers, you’ll be able to select from four escalating performance levels as a standard option: 

  • Thrust: Up to 3.89°C/minute
  • Impulse: 4°C to 6.49°C/minute
  • Warp: 6.5°C to 8.9°C/minute
  • Hyperdrive: 9°C/minute and higher
AES employee

A Structure Built to Last

AES’s temperature only and temperature and humidity chambers are built to last with components designed to withstand rigorous testing. The internal workspaces are lined with type 304 stainless steel for a vapor-tight internal construction while the exteriors feature a durable, powder-coat finish over heavy-gauge steel for a long-lasting, clean look. Between the two layers is highly efficient, low k-factor, thermal insulation to ensure safe, accurate, and efficient testing.

A Structure Built to Last

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Vapor-Tight Internal Construction

An internal workspace lined with type 304 stainless steel for a vapor-tight internal construction

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Durable Exterior

An exterior with a durable powder-coat finish over heavy-gauge steel for a long-lasting, clean look

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Low K-Factor Thermal Insulation

Between the two layers is highly-efficient, low k-factor, thermal insulation.

engineer on laptop

AESONE CONNECT Instrumentation

The days of standing next to your chambers to observe ongoing tests are over. Most new temperature only and temperature and humidity chambers come standard with AESONE CONNECT, a combination hardware and software solution that enables you to monitor tests remotely. You can view real-time and historical data, create, edit, save, and move between test profiles from anywhere you can access a web browser. Read more about AESONE here.

AESONE CONNECT Instrumentation

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Remote Test Monitoring

Monitor ongoing tests remotely

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Real-Time & Historical Data

View real-time and historical data

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Build Test Profiles from Your Browser

Create, edit, save, and move between profiles from anywhere you can access a web browser


Associated Environmental Systems not only manufactures top-of-the-line temperature only and temperature & humidity test chambers customized to your needs, but also provides resources to support your testing and keep you updated on the latest developments in the industry.


Before you purchase a test chamber, it's important to understand the system components and power as they pertain to the devices you plan on testing. 

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The most ideal temperature and humidity battery testing chambers consist of high-performance materials and designs, versatile fixtures, combination hardware and software instrumentation, and more. 

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Leading test chamber manufacturers build humidity chambers with closed, vapor generator systems. They require properly conditioned water as well as regular maintenance to ensure performance.

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Humidity chambers rely on vapor generator systems to create specified conditions in the workspace. Companies across industries (from packaging to electronics, pharma, communications, and more) test their products in humidity to evaluate the effectiveness of those products in different environmental conditions and set expectations for consumers. 

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