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BMA test chamber


old model BMA test chamber


old model test chamber


Find the corresponding test chamber for your old BMA or AES legacy test chamber.

Over the years, AES test chambers evolved with innovations across industries. Series and models have adapted to customer requirements and changing technology.

The following list includes all the legacy test chambers manufactured by Associated Environmental Systems, Associated Environmental Laboratories, and  BMA. Products are listed here because these chambers were merged into AES' product line in the late 1980's. The table below compares legacy chambers to a similar current model test chambers. We are happy to work with you to replace your legacy test chamber if you can't find a similar test chamber in our standard products.




B-M-A Legacy Current AES B-M-A Legacy Current AES AES Legacy Current AES AES Legacy Current AES
AH-202 BHD-502 TM-2 SD-502 BHD-402 BHD-502 HD-402 HD-502
AT-102XC SD-202 TM-27 FD-527 BHD-403 BHD-508 HD-405 HD-508
BPD-102 BD-102 TM-27C FD-227 BHD-405 BHD-508 HD-408 HD-508
ECL-1 LH-1.5 TM-27S FD-527 BHD-408 BHD-508 HD-410 HD-510
ESC Custom TM-2C SD-202 BHK-2102 BHD-502 HD-413 HD-513
LO-.05 Lab Oven TM-2S SD-502 BHK-2103 BHD-508 HD-421 HD-527
LO-1 Lab Oven TM-3 SD-508 BHK-2105 BHD-508 HD-427 HD-527
LO-2 Lab Oven TM-3C SD-208 BHK-2108 BHD-508 HD-432 HD-536
LO-27 BD-927 TM-3S SD-508 BHK-4102 BHD-502 HD-449 HD-548
LO-4 Lab Oven TM-41C FD-548 BHK-5102 BHD-502 HD-464 HD-564
LO-8 Lab Oven TM-41S FD-548 BHK-5103 BHD-508 HK-2127 HD-227
MX-3024 MX-9216 TM-5 SD-508 BHK-5105 BHD-508 HK-2141 HD-248
MX-8104 MX-9204 TM-5C SD-208 BHK-5108 BHD-508 HK-2164 HD-264
PCU Custom TM-5S SD-508 BK-1100 BD-100 HK-4127 HD-527
PMC-100 Custom TM-64C FD-264 BK-1101 BD-101 HK-4127 HD-564
SD-101 BD-101 TM-64S FD-564 BK-1102 BD-102 HK-5127 HD-527
SGTH-31C Custom TM-8 SD-508 BK-1104 BD-104 HK-5141 HD-548
TAV-205 SM-2105D TM-8C SD-208 BK-1127 BD-127 HK-5164 HD-564
TC-1 BD-101 TM-8S SD-508 BK-9100 Lab Oven HM-436 HM-436
TC-2 BD-102 TMV-5 FD-508 BK-9101 Lab Oven LHE-1.5 LH-1.5
TC-27 BD-127 TMV-5C FD-208 BK-9102 Lab Oven LHE-6 LH-6
TC-4 BD-104 TMV-5S FD-508 BK-9108 Lab Oven LHE-10 LH-10
TC-8 BD-108     BK-9204 Lab Oven PCU Custom
TH-2 BHD-502     BK1108 BD-108 SD-302 SD-202
TH-27 HD-527     FD-401 FD-501 SD-303 SD-208
TH-27 C HD-227     FD-402 FD-502 SD-305 SD-208
TH-27 S HD-527     FD-405 FD-508 SD-308 SD-208
TH-2C BHD-502     FD-408 FD-508 SD-402 SD-502
TH-2S BHD-502     FD-410 FD-510 SD-403 SD-508
TH-3C BHD-508     FD-413 FD-513 SD-405 SD-508
TH-3S BHD-508     FD-421 FD-527 SD-408 SD-508
TH-41 HD-548     FD-432 FD-536 SFD-531 Custom
TH-41 C HD-248     FD-449 FD-548 SK-3102 SD-202
TH-41 S HD-548     FD-464 FD-564 SK-3103 SD-208
TH-41S HD-548     FK-2105 FD-208 SK-3105 SD-208
TH-5C BHD-508     FK-2127 FD-227 SK-3108 SD-208
TH-5S BHD-508     FK-2141 FD-248 SK-4102 SD-502
TH-64 HD-564     FK-2164 FD-264 SK-41028 SD-508
TH-64 C HD-264     FK-4127 FD-527 SK-4103 SD-508
TH-64 S HD-564     FK-5127 FD-527 SK-4105 SD-508
TH-8C BHD-508     FK-5141 FD-548 SK-5102 SD-502
TH-8S BHD-508     FK-5164 FD-564 SK-5103 SD-508
  SK-5105 SD-508
SK-5108 SD-508
SM-2104 SM-2105D
SM-2105 SM-2105D
SM-2106 SM-2108D
SM-2107 SM-2108D