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Nano-Engineering Strategy Shows Potential For Improved Advanced Energy Storage

Vanderbilt Engineer Leads Effort to Define The Pathways For Solid-state Battery Development

Groundbreaking 3D Printing Of Sensors Directly On Organs That Expand

New Technique to Create Switches Within a Computer's Processing Chips

Researchers Create First Room-Temp 'Magnon Switch'

Researchers Make Next-Generation, High-Toughness Battery Component

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Welcomes 6 New Research Fellows

Meet ATPFLEX - The Flexible Battery Testing Solution

Sound Waves Transport Droplets For Rewritable Lab-on-a-chip Devices

New Material, Modeling Methods Promise Advances in Energy Storage

Carbon Nanotube Transistors Make the Leap From Lab to Factory Floor

Physicists Hunt For Room-Temperature Superconductors

New 5G Switches Bring Better Battery Life, Higher Bandwidth and Speeds

Configurable Circuit Technology Poised to Expand Silicon Photonic Applications

Researchers Take a Cue From Nature to Create Bulletproof Coatings

Researchers Develop Viable Sodium Battery

20 New Technology Trends We Will See In The 2020s

Researchers Develop Material Capable of Being Invisible or Reflective in IR Spectrum

Why Is Everybody Talking About Solid State Lithium-Metal Electric Vehicle Batteries?

FDA Approves Ventilator Designed By Particle Physics Community

Making Quantum 'Waves' In Ultrathin Materials

Organic Proton Battery can be Charged in Seconds

Roadmap For Battery Research In Europe

New simple method for measuring the state of lithium-ion batteries

Electrode Could Yield Pivotal Findings for Advanced Batteries

Researchers Tackle a New Opportunity To Develop High-energy Batteries

3D-Printed Cement-Based Materials to Help Build Offshore Wind Energy Plants

Making Lithium-ion Batteries More Environmentally Friendly

MRI Scanning Assists With Next Generation Battery Design

A New Way To Cool Down Electronic Devices

High-Performance Electrolyte Solves Battery Puzzle

Engineers Improve Efficiency and Heat Tolerance of Devices

AES Thermal Shock Chamber

BU Engineers Open Doors To Continuous Health-Monitoring Devices

The Power of Light

Development Of Graphene-Based Rechargeable Batteries

Seeing ‘Under the Hood’ in Batteries

Broad Spectrum

Alternative Electrode Materials Could Unlock Faster-Charging EV Batteries

Designing Better Renewable-Energy Storage Devices with New Tools

Scientists Tap Unused Energy Source To Power Smart Sensor Networks

An All-organic Proton Battery Energized For Sustainable Energy Storage

New Self-Charging Battery Eyed for Electronic Devices

New Battery Chemistry Promises Safer High-voltage Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium Batteries Safer at Extreme Temperatures

Neural Networks Facilitate Optimization In The Search For New Materials

Composite Metal Foams Take The Heat

How Do You Power Billions Of Sensors?

Danger Zone of Lithium-Battery Defects Identified

Researchers Developing Coronavirus Detection System

Cross-Technology Communication In The Internet of Things Significantly Simplified

Room-Temperature Bonded Interface

Pathways Toward Realizing The Promise Of All-Solid-State Batteries

Wireless, Skin-Mounted Sensors Monitor Babies

Nanostructured Rubber-like Material With Optimal Properties Could Replace Human Tissue

A Graphene Innovation That Is Music To your Ears

This Smart Solar Controller For Vehicle Batteries Could Save The US Army Millions

Drones Could Make Aerial Investigations Safer

High Energy Li-Ion Battery Is Safer For Electric Vehicles

Chameleon-like Material That Changes With Temperature

York University Researchers One Step Closer To Creating Organic Batteries

AgiloBat: Flexible Production of Battery Cells

Scientists Learn More About what Makes Batteries Fail

How Low Can You Go? Lower Than Ever Before.

Retrofit Transforms Electron Microscopes Into High-Speed Atom-Scale Camera

Ten Trends That Will Shape Science in the Decade Ahead

New Method Could Supercharge Battery Development For Electric Vehicles

Accelerate Innovation Across Materials Sciences

Polymer Electrolyte Gives New Battery Stretch for Wearables

Electronics That Sweat

World Record The Conversion of Solar Energy To Electricity Using Quantum Dots

The Super-Cool Materials That Send Heat to Space

New Etching Technique can Help Develop Small but Complex Semiconductor Devices

Harvesting Energy for the Internet of Things

VCU Researchers To Develop Next-Generation, Long-Lasting Batteries

Recent Research (Literally) Stretches the Meaning of “Sensor” and “Battery”

Engineers Mix and Match Materials To Make New Stretchy Electronics

World's Most Efficient Lithium-Sulfur Battery Tested By Australian Scientists

Inkjet Printing Technology To Make Flexible Battery Elements


New Research Could Aid Cleaner Energy Technologies

Nanospirals That Form As Molten Metals Solidify Could Be Key To New Materials

Hybrid Technique To Produce Stronger Nickel For Auto, Medical, Manufacturing

Hermetically Sealed Semi-Conductors

Space Junk Cleanup Begins Next Month

A New Way To Control Infrared Light

First Detailed Electronic Study of New Nickelate Superconductor Finds 3D Metallic State

A New Stretchable Battery Can Power Wearable Electronics

Coating Helps Electronics Stay Cool By Sweating

Massachusetts State Police Air Wing Uses Thermal Sensor to Hunt Suspect

Simpler Method For Creating High-Performance Battery Anodes

NSF Announces Raleigh and Cary as Testbed Sites for Advanced Wireless

Exclusive: Mojo Vision’s AR Contact Lenses

NASA to Help Fund AnalySwift, Purdue Technology

New Polymer Makes Batteries Self-Healing, Recyclable

3D Printing and the Murky Ethics of Replicating Bones

Scientists Create Thin-films With Tantalizing Electronic Properties

3D Printing of Body Parts is Coming Fast – But Regulations Are Not Ready

A Breath of Fresh Air For Longer-running Batteries

Scientists Made a Nearly Invincible Lithium-Ion Battery


Researchers Create Nanoscale Sensors To Better See How High Pressure Affects Materials

Supercharging Tomorrow: Developing Most Efficient Lithium-sulfur Battery

Adding Defects To Batteries Can Speed Charging

Falling Battery Price Transforms Economics of Green Energy

A Quantum Breakthrough Brings a Technique From Astronomy To The Nano-scale

Scientists Create Thin Films With Tantalizing Electronic Properties

Overheating, overcharging and 4 Other Things You Should Know

High-Performance Anode For All-Solid-State Li Batteries is Made of Si Nanoparticles

Saving Moore's Law by 3D integration with 2D materials

The Future of Aviation: Electric Airplanes Will Decarbonize the Aviation Industry

Army Releases Top 10 Technology Advances

Is 3D Printing The Future of Battery Design?

Lithium-ion Battery Design Inspires Fast, Low-Power Memory Device

How To Deliver Christmas Presents - In a Future Without Chimneys

The Challenge of Replacing Internal Combustion with Batteries that Don't Combust

Five Leading Early Career Researchers in Materials Science

How Light a Foldable and Long-Lasting Battery Can Be?

As Winter Rushes In, Corrosion Test Chamber are used to Simulate Road Salt Impacts on Future Car Designs

Batteries Are Powering American Innovation

Diamonds in Your Devices: Powering The Next Generation of Energy Storage

Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2019

University of Canberra Research Looks to Beat the Heat

Engineers Face Their Greatest Challenge as Energy and Transportation Converge

Novel Material Switches Between Electrically Conducting and Insulating States

Building a Better Battery With Machine Learning

Li-ion Battery Components to be Printed on An Inkjet Printer

Illinois Researcher's Theory of Pore-scale Transport to Enable Improved Flow Batteries

A Record-Setting Transistor

Researchers Find Potential Solution to Overheating Mobile Phones

Engineers Build Bendy Batteries for Wearables

Eliminate Risk with Proper Calibration

New Material Breaks World Record Turning Heat Into Electricity

Machine Learning Captcha...

Theoretical Tubulanes Inspire Ultrahard Polymers

New Grid Batteries for Renewable Energy

Stretchable, Degradable Semiconductors

New Chip For Waking Up Small Wireless Devices Could Extend Battery Life

What's Behind a Custom Test Chamber

Novel Nano-structures Could Make Smartphones More Efficient

20 Technologies That Will Reshape The World

The Electric Vehicle Industry Needs To Figure Out Its Battery Problem

Research aims to make technologies for controlling blood sugar more accessible

Scientists Have Pinpointed the Cause of Dendrites in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Scientists Design Better Batteries for a Renewable Energy Grid

Recycling Lithium-ion Batteries From Electric Vehicles

At HLTH, Experts Discuss 3D Printing Complex Structures

Shedding new light on the charging of lithium-ion batteries

New Electrolytes Push Calcium-Based Batteries Toward Replacing Lithium Ion

The Most Futuristic Developments We Can Expect In The Next 10 Years

Environmental Testing Bee Colonies for Future Mars Missions

New Research Center Aims To Make Electronics More Secure

Associated Environmental Systems is Innovating Battery Testing

Argonne Multidisciplinary Team Develops Probe For Battery Research: Strength in Numbers

Sensor Research Underscores Clemson University’s Leadership in Technology For Extreme Environments

It’s All in the Batteries: What the Future of Electric Vehicles Looks Like

New Electrolyte Stops Rapid Performance Decline of Next-generation Lithium Battery

Apple's iPhone Recycling Robot Can Take Apart 200 iPhones an Hour

Accelerating Battery Development for Electric Vehicles (And Lightsabers)

Big Data Technique Reveals Previously Unknown Capabilities of Common Materials

Environmental Test Chambers For The "Internet of Things"

What will driving look like in 10 years? A technological wonderland

The Moon, Mars and Beyond: The Tech Behind the New Space Race

Salt Spray Testing for Better Roadways

Peering Into Batteries: X-rays Reveal Lithium-ion's Mysteries

Winning a Nobel in Chemistry for Work on Lithium-ion Batteries is No Small Win

Laser Printing for Rapid Fabrication of Waterproof E-Textiles

To Keep the Lights on During Blackouts, Austin Explores Microgrids

How to Corrosion-proof Thin Atomic Sheets

How Paint is Improving EV Batteries and Autonomous Cars

Coating Advances Lithium-Metal Battery Research

Don't Junk that EV Battery--It Might Power a Town

Biggest Technology Trends In 2020

3D Printing’s Soaring Impact On Aviation And Aerospace

UCF Researcher Works to Make Safer Electric Vehicles

Getting Mac and Cheese to Mars

Ultra-Thin Rust Layers Generate Electricity from Water

Meet Five Synthetic Biology Companies Using AI To Engineer Biology

Tesla May Soon Have a Battery That Can Last a Million Miles

Consumers’ Ethical Choices Influencing Car Design

The Battery Show Wrap-up

New Device Harvests Energy in Darkness

What Will Your Phone Look Like in Ten Years’ Time?

Student Innovation in Maritime Safety and Security

These 10 technologies are most likely to help save planet Earth

UMass Amherst Lays The Groundwork For a Revolution In Wireless Wearables

Nanowires Replace Newton's Famous Glass Prism

Electrical Engineer’s Research Focused on Making The Power Grid More Reliable

Drones, Climate Change and Thermal Shock Chambers

Taking The Next Giant Leaps

New Insulation Technique Paves The Way For More Powerful and Smaller Chips

New Consortium for Battery Innovation

What Do Dating Technology and Alzheimer's Have in Common?

Benefits of 3rd-Party Certification

Before You Buy a Test Chamber, Consider Your Test Requirements

AI Hysteria Could Set The Technology Back By Decades

The AES|XChange

A Battery-Free Sensor For Underwater Exploration

Machine learning to improve NASA's space travel

Time to get battery smart- Looking into the future

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Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Technology, Battery, Alternative & Renewable Energy, Energy, EurekAlert
Jul 09,2020
Nano-Engineering Strategy Shows Potential For Improved Advanced Energy Storage

Renewable energy platforms such as wind and solar need large-scale energy storage systems. Recent promising investigations[...]

Vanderbilt engineer leads effort to define the pathways for solid-state battery development SHARELINES Vanderbilt defines the[...]

Using Motion Capture Tech, ‘Groundbreaking’ UMN Research Allows 3D Printing Of Sensors Directly On Organs That Expand[...]

Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Technology
Jun 25,2020
New Technique to Create Switches Within a Computer's Processing Chips

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[...]

Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Technology
Jun 24,2020
Researchers Create First Room-Temp 'Magnon Switch'

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[...]